ASK Pierre-Henri Ngoumou: In which country do you prefer to play? What are your biggest tournaments and travels to come?


I’ve played in the USA from 2006 to 2010 during a 6 months period from October and April and I think that’s one of my favourite place to play. However, Argentina stills the country where you can play the best polo in the best conditions. I don’t have the opportunity to play really often because I played from April to October in Europe and after to the USA and Dubai.

European’s season completes, I think coming back this winter to Dubai. I’m going there for 4 years now and I love being there. I’m also going to play to Nigeria. I’ve played last year for a tournament Africa against the rest of the world (I have Cameroun and Gabon origins). I love playing in Africa and regret to not being here more often than I am.

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