ASK Pierre-Henri Ngoumou: Who are your best horses to play in the most important tournaments?


Since I exported last year my 20 best mares to Dubai, I have now a new horses batch, which is composed of:

• Apparition, who’s a 6 year old English Thoroughbred that I’ve schooled in my stud farm, she’s my current best mare, she’s got the “best mare” award in Chantilly in May. That’s a mare who’s going to continue to improve and interests many players especially one who’s handicap 10.
• Lady D’Argentel, an English Thoroughbred that I’ve schooled 4 years ago. I didn’t think that she’d play in high level, because I thought she hadn’t the capacities to do so, but with time, she improved and that’s one of the best season’s surprise.
• Sue Breeze is a 17 year old that I’ve brought this year to an other polo player. I’ve ridden 8 years ago, and she was good. I’ve seen her improving during 8 years and I’m glad that she’d play her last match in my stable.

My batch is composed of young horses that we’re schooling in our stud farm in Normandie. This year was a transition year. I’ve had to get a new horses batch for the high level after exporting my best mares to Dubai. That wasn’t easy but today I’m proud, I hope to get even a better one next year.

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