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ASK Pierre-Henri Ngoumou: Which horse was the most memorable to you and shaped your career?

ASK Pierre-Henri Ngoumou: Which horse was the most memorable to you and shaped your career?

Hard question because every horse I’ve had shaped my life. I’ll speak about Cachito because he’s the only one who’s retreated, I don’t know how long he’ll live (I hope as much as possible!) but his career is finished and I love to commend him. He’s from Argentina who’s 20 now! He came from Argentina by boat!! In 2001, horses travelled by flight (14hours of flying) or by boat (3 weeks). That was reserved for hobby horses but not for good polo horses!

He wasn’t made in Argentina for playing polo. That’s a workhorse: he worked in a company who was building roads, he pulled a roller, which packed the road.
That’s an argentine groom who decided to buy an send him to France and finishing his dressage in France.
In October 2001 I’ve met Cachito at Bagatelle at the Polo de Paris and I felt in love. He was in sale but I didn’t have the opportunity to buy him at this moment, that’s so one of my best friend who also plays polo who buys him for himself. A mixed feelings for: glad that he’s to my friend and jealous to not have him.
In march 2017 after long weeks of negotiation I convinced my friend to sell me Cachito. And that’s the beginning of an amazing adventure. We’ve played the most important competition: Silver Coupe , Open de France, Qualification for the championships, tournaments in Switzerland… Everything!
He had the best horse award in the silver coupe at Deauville and also in Switzerland in the Open de Vetay. This horse helped me to improve, winning many matches and even if now I have several good mares, he stills the horse of my life. He’s retreated for one year now, he’s well, he supervises the foals, who’re often more wise than him!!!