How can I improve my horse's immune system during winter?

Dried garlic! One year while my horses were on it, the whole barn got sick. My horses were the only ones who didn't get sick :)
How is everyone giving these products? Directly to mouth like a de-wormer? In water? Or on food?
Equinety is what I have been using an it works so well!
Mucoprotect from Twydil is great! It helps improve the immune system especially during winter when it is colder and that the horse can feel tired more easily. It contains vitamin C and improves the respiratory system as well!
I used once linseed oil but I wasn't satisfied... Only fenugreek from Hilton Herbs worked on my horse, I've never tried Vital' immune but I'll maybe try.. Thank you :)
I give to my mare Fenugreek, and it kept my horse's condition, I was very glad
I also use Tea Tree as an essential oil! It perfectly works! I agree with Rebecca, Vital' immune is the best one to me!
I use Vital' Immune for my mare and it works very well! It also help her to heal faster :)
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