Have you ever tried Cambox isis? Is it useful in improving your riding?

No I didn't... but it works with something like tape that is really strong. My friend jumps with her horse and the camera didn't fall or move beacuse it is made to be used while you are practising sports ;)
One friend of mine has it and she is completely in love with the camera. The quality is awesome, it's light and it doesn't bother at all! She really recommends it ;) About the thing of helping to improve your riding... I think it's better someone to record videos of your riding than having a camera on your helmet because it doesn't allow you to see your movement on the saddle... I hope it helps! :D
Thank you Rebecca and Silvia! Silvia, have you tried? I'm afraid about the moves on my head and I hope that's pretty comfy...
I haven't but I'd be really glad to try it on! I don't know if it's help you to improve, but it permits to keep nice memories :)
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