What's your opinion about the eventing classes which are becoming more and more dangerous (5 deaths this year)?

The equine community is very strong and caring towards deaths, even minor injuries. With how precautious we have become—air vests, specific helmets required for XC, break away XC jumps, etc.—I have a positive outlook for the future of eventing. As we grow and develop as a community, we work together to create safer environments for every rider. Keep positive and push for solutions to issues at hand & watch how quick the injury/death rates decrease.
Hi Rebecca, eventing is one of the most dangerous disciplines of course, the fences are not necessairly bigger or more difficult than before, but the technical level required at high level is getting more and more important. If you look at These accidents, they don't necessarily happen at high level most of the time. Riders are excessively prepared and horses to. I think that what is great is the development of all the new technologies For the protection of the riders (performant airbag vests...). I think that with time the evolution of the protections of the riders and the security of the fences will really improve the security when running in these competitions. It does not mean that there won't be any accidents, but it will help minimize their consequences :)
I don't think that there're more dead in eventing, or the level has increased, I just think that horse riding is a dangerous sport, and the media have increased those last years, and so we hear about that kind of news more than we used to
That's (again) a bad news... I do think that eventing and the other disciplines are becoming more and more difficult, and maybe that's why... I don't really know why and how they died and I don't think I'd like to know.. But maybe they don't have the level required to participate to that kind of competition?
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