Ask Juliette Marret : Can you describe the Touch-Sport technique in terms of mental preparation of the riders for competition?

Hello Adeline,
"Touch & Sport" is the name I gave to the use of Touch for Health® with horse riders. Touch for Health® is a system of balancing your attitude, your posture and your emotions towards a specific goal, using the meridian system described in traditional chinese medicine. TFH is a very powerful technique to release stress, whether due to the pressure of competition, or apprehension of a fall. Stress has a direct impact on the rider's posture, and the horse can feel it instantaneously, so it is especially important for the rider to manage stress. In TFH, we access the meridians through muscle testing, so we can also read and deal with the impact of stress on the rider's posture and use of aids.
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Juliette Marret
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