Ask Juliette Marret : Up to you, what is the impact of the mental on the rider’s performances?

Hello David,
In Touch for Health®, we believe that body and mind are inseparable. The interactions are instantaneous, and go both ways. With experience, I came to consider muscles, and therefore posture and movements, as the platform of interactions between body and mind. It's the same idea when you tell someone : "Please sit down, there is something I need to tell you". Muscles are affected by stress, whether it's small or dramatic.

Touch for Health® is the foundation of what is nowadays called Energetic Kinesiology, which revolves around the use of muscle testing. In a TFH session, a minimum of 14 muscles, related to the 14 meridians of traditional chinese medicine, are tested, and if necessary, balanced. Sometimes, just the idea of a particular jump or riding challenge can inhibit most of our muscles. The rider then finds himself in "survival mode", and his moves become less coordinated and accurate.

TFH is a very powerful tool to regain calm, focus and precision even when stakes are high and it matters most.
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Juliette Marret
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