Ask Juliette Marret : Which studies do you recommend to be able to help competition riders with their mental preparation?

Hello Rebecca,
From what I know of the horseriding community (at least in France), the rider's physical health is considered on one side (physical therapy, osteopathy), and his mental preparation is considered separately, when it is considered at all. More and more scientific studies show that there are strong interactions between body and mind, and to get the best results you will want to consider both in the same frame.
Few systems allow this "holistic" approach of a person. The meridian system is one of them. It has been successfully used by traditional chinese medicine for several thousands of years. Touch for Health® finds its roots in this system, but with a different access : muscle testing. More info here :

The use of muscle testing is beneficial on several aspects : ease of use (TFH is available to everyone, with or without a scientific or medical background), and a very convenient technique to work on your posture and use of aids ! One aspect among several others that make Touch for Health® a very powerful and accessible system of mental AND physical preparation for riders or coaches.

I went to California in 2014 to be trained as an instructor with Matthew Thie, president of Touch for Health Education ( So if you want to take TFH classes, you're very welcome to join one of my workshops ! More info here :
If language or travel is an issue, and if some your fellow riders are interested, I can also travel to your area ;)

Juliette Marret
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