Ask Juliette Marret : Can mental prepration improve my capacity to go over my performance limits?

Hello David,

As riders, just like in any other sport, we sometimes find our limits in our own belief system. It can be difficult for a rider to contemplate himself, or his horse, competing in a certain category. Beyond your actual level and technique, which is between you and your coach, Touch for Health® can help you overcome emotional and physical limits, allowing you to consider new possibilities.

If you want to try on your own, the following technique is called ESR (Emotional Stress Release).
Gently hold the points on your forehead as shown in the video, while picturing yourself going over those performance limits you mention (new height / category ?...). Hold them for a few minutes and notice how you feel.

A Touch for Health® session will help you contemplate new "territories" with more calm and focus. Considering physical limits, for instance pain or discomfort, especially due to a fall, TFH is a very powerful technique to deal with pain and regain mobility.

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Juliette Marret
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