Ask Juliette Marret : How can mental preparation help me regain confidence after a bad experience (serious fall...)?

Hello Lauren,

during a fall, especially a serious one, two things happen :

- on an emotional level, the stress / fear gets mixed up with the situation, and any time you will find yourself in similar circumstances (same horse / place / exercise / or even weather !!), you mind will trigger the same emotion again. Even if there is no danger this time. It's a protection mechanism, designed for survival ! It usually works, because the discomfort you now feel will keep you away from taking risks again. It can even keep you away from horses altogether for a while, whether you like it or not...
In Touch for Health, there is a set of very powerful techniques to relieve stress. There is one that you can try on your own, called ESR (Emotional Stress Release) :
Gently hold the points shown in the video, while picturing yourself riding again, or doing what has now become challenging for you. It may take a few minutes. Notice how you feel at the same time. If this isn't enough, a TFH private session may be very helpful.

-on a physical level, the muscles which were active during the fall will "absorb" the shock. They will then act as "heroes" in their area, remaining tense, as if they were getting ready for the next shock. In Touch for Health we call them "reactors". They're usually painful, and remain so sometimes years after the trauma. Their synergistic muscles may slowly become inhibited. We call those "reactive" muscles. The posture is altered following these chain reactions.
In TFH, we use a specific technique to identify and relax the reactor muscles, letting the reactive (inhibited) muscles go back to function. The person usually regains mobility, their posture instantly adjusts, and the pain often disappears !

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Juliette Marret
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