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Horse trying to bite me/rope while trotting beside her on a lead rope, how to prevent this?

Horse trying to bite me/rope while trotting beside her on a lead rope, how to prevent this?
Okay, thank you!
Yeah ok. If she pins her ears you are already too close and should move far away. If she still does it and you are at the and of the line try walking first and increasing your speed slowly. She will slowly get used to it.

It will take time but it will be okay.
I'll try lunging her. I've tried doing it from a distance but she'll pin her ears down and come towards me as soon as we start trotting.
And when lunging her (doing circles even without a lunge line or a lunge whip) she's perfect but as soon as I get back to trotting beside her she'll do the same thing.
If she doesn't do it while you lunge it could be a problem she has with you being in her space. She would probably do the same and bite if you were a horse.

The circles unfortunately are not a very good strategy. At least not on the long term. She is uncomfortable with someone running, maybe from a bad event in her past.

My take is: you trot her on the lunge and shorten your rope quite a bit. And trot beside her from quite a distance. If she doesn't react you shorten the rope and get closer. This goes on and on until she shows discomfort. At that point you both walk and get closer and pet her. Then move away at the same distance as before and trot again.
Do this on both sides. Eventually she will let you run beside her without worries.

Never punish a horse, and if you must react you must understand beforehand why the horse behaved that way.
The circles will make her stay away from you too and she won't be able to be in your space
Yeah she does get in my space a lot and only nips at me, thanks for the support! Will keep that in mind
She probably gets excited about it. My horse used to do this and Strike out at me. You have to stop it and show your the dominate one before it gets worse. Is she just trying to nip you? Or full out lounging at you? And does she get pushy and in your space when she does this?

If she's pushing you have to almost make yourself look bigger as a threat towards her when she does this and NOT step back. She just won. I swing the lead rope at my horses hip area and make him trot on a circle on the lead rope. After a few circles I give it a small pull and make him stop in front of me. She shouldn't be in your space. Walk to her side confidently and walk a few steps and try again. I used to smack my horse in the mouth and he would think it was a game an get agressive. Just try it, it's a reprimand saying that's not allowed. You can also look up on YouTube there are some channels that are great with that. I hope this helps!
It seems aggressive, but she's lovely when walking just while trotting beside her she seems to get annoyed
Is she doing this playfully, or doesn't it seem aggressive?