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What do you think about the cloning of high level horses?

What do you think about the cloning of high level horses?
It's not just the genes. It's the heart.
It is a very amazing scientific thing, but personally i would not do it they may have good potential but you will never get the authentic original, and there are so many other horses waiting for an adventure and ready to take you were you want. But that's just me.
It will be VERY interesting for sure! Can't wait to see what it's like though!
The cloning technique seems a bit expansive. And so, the covering is going to be as expansive as the cloning... So first of all I don't think that's an economical bargain...
But I also think that the ressemblance is amazing when you look at the stallion clones of Zangersheide: The Z team, they even have similar attitudes of the tastes, the vices etc. But as Mark said, there're so many things which depend to do a crack: the environment etc.
I'm pretty excited to be able to compare the horses. I'm pretty sure there's no chance for the clone to have the same carrer than the original one. There're so many different things which depend on the results (food, rider, environment, training...). If the grass isn't as rich as the original, the clone will be less developed etc. But it seems to be the same, but I still think that's pretty weird anyway...