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Do you remember your first show? how was it?

Do you remember your first show? how was it?
My first show... the day before the horse I was supposed to ride threw a shoe. So my trainer put me on my friends pony since I was just doing walk trot classes and when I got munchies ribbon the horse took of full speed galloping and I flew off and almost hit the fence.... wasn't very good first show. Hahaha
My first show I was riding a horse that I had only been riding for two days and I placed in every class... but in my very last class my horse was exhausted and she couldn't jump anymore so we did a quick swap to a horse that I had been terrified of at home. We placed 5th in that 2ft class. I can remember it like it was yesterday even though it was like four years ago
I fell on the first jump. 😂✌🏻
I was asking the judge a million questions, I knew the material and could execute the maneuvers but I was trembling through it. It's a bit intimidating that there's someone... watching your every move... judging, critiquing, marking.
I was so nervous but so excited at the same time. I was a ball of nerve right before. My trained helped me calm down. It went so well and I was really happy with the results. It's an experience that a rider has to live at least one time. :)
I was nervous! I did really good though and it ended up being a really good experience because the horse I was riding acted different! It was super fun though!
It was way better than I could've ever expected!! I wasn't nervous at all and we got champion!!
It was amazing! I was relaxed and i had so much fun! It wasn't a high level competition so i enjoyed it a lot but i can surely say that when the level is quite high it can be very difficult to stay calm
I did my first ever jumping show never having jumped before, came out 3rd hahaha
I was super nervous, I was only brave enough to do it because my sister was doing it with me