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Did you already buy a horse without doing a vet check? Did you regret it?

Did you already buy a horse without doing a vet check? Did you regret it?
If you haven't known the horse for awhile I would recommend the vet check. At my barn I have witnessed way to many people complaining about how the person that sold them the horse lied about its health.
I bought my first horse with out a vet check and I had her for two years with no health issues. I think it's probably ok for lower level horses to pass on vet check if you feel confident in it.
I did and I was lucky because he was 18 and healthy.
Too many people try to scam you so no, I wouldn't by any horse without it. Even if it's a friend.
NEVER buy a horse without having a vet check first! It may be expensive but it is 100% necessary. I had a friend who was about to buy a new horse to start showing and after having the vet check they found out that the mare was actually blind in one eye and they couldn't tell before the vet check. They made sure that I got my horse vet checked before I bought him.
Vet check is really important!
I agree a vet check is good! but... Sometimes not doing them can offer good or useful experiences (:
DO NOT BUY A HORSE WITHOUT A VET CHECK!! The horse I have currently had problems and my last trainer lied to me and said he was sound so we didn vet him. HUGE mistake DO NOT trust what anyone says because I trusted that trainer 100% and she lied and made thousands of dollars off of me. He's getting better but thousands of dollars were put in to do vet work. I don't even know if he is able to jump anymore and he's only 8. Find a good recommended vet and especially with an expensive horse do x-rays and other stuff. If possible do a trial to make sure the horse isn't on bute. Mine was on bute even once I was the owner and once I found out I was MAD. It's so sad that people have to be so dishonest about horses these days 😢
I absolutely recommend a vet check! As Melinda said, that's really too risky to avoid it, even if the horse doesn't worth too much, if there's a problem 3 months later, you'll pay much more than a vet check!
That's not a necessary thing, and I wouldn't do it if I know for a long time the horse, but I don't recommend, that's risky anyway. You can know perfectly the horse and discover a problem!