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Can I make a horse (7yo arabian mare) not afraid by cars or trucks?

Can I make a horse (7yo arabian mare) not afraid by cars or trucks?
The more she around them (seeing and hearing them) she will get use to them and consider it normal
so maybe lead her for a walk where she can see cars coming fast, but at a good distance, so she can see them without consider them as a threat
Hello,thank you Margaux Bernard for the advice. Actually she is not afraid by the carswhen they just stand still. The problem is on the road when they pass next to her. When the car passes slowly it`s often fine, but if it is quite fast she is scared. No problem also for trailer loading.
You can lunge your mare as sort as she has to go between you and the car/truck, while keeping her focused on you. I give you this video to show you how to do it, the object is quite similar (a trailer).
Many thanks for your advice Naomi,I will try it. And it`s true that may be she feels my fears and this makes her scared also additionally. I will try to avoid.
Yes. A great way is to be on the ground and have a friend drive a car slowly around and you FOLLOW it.
The car must never move towards the horse but away.
She will resist at the beginning and not want to follow it so you keep the car at a greater distance and keep following it. Soon she'll get closer and closer until she touches it.
She needs to understand it won't hurt her.
The same goes for trucks.
Horses are preys. What runs away from them is also a prey and therefore less of a threat.
This works for anything.
As for the sound you have a person turning the engine on with you far away and you get closer to it slowly and have as a goal that she touches the car with her nose.
This should help a lot. Most importantly if you are riding her don't expect it. Pretend she doesn't do anything. Your body will contract when you hear something that will scare her. Often times horses ridden by unknowing riders won't spoil because the rider is calm.