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How do you regain the trust of a very anxious horse?

How do you regain the trust of a very anxious horse?
Spend a lot of free time where you just take her to graze or pet her, never punish her and always be delicate and sensitive. Give her a lot of time to respond when you ask her things. Take it slow and give her the time she needs in anything.
Try with groundwork and learning tricks ...
These videos will probably help you
be as calm as possible in everything you do around your horse. And being very routine with his or her schedule helps build trust.
My horse is blind in his right eye and honestly I just played with him and did a LOT of ground work and just spend a lot of time with him in his stall
Just work him over with the brushes, starting at the front and working back. Don't move slow or anxiously, as Kareen said, but you can talk to him if you wish. Just work your way to his back leg and then down it, then try wrapping your hand around it, then picking it up.
Moving slow is a predatory action, like stalking up on their prey. If you move slow and cautious they feel like they have something to brace for, and something to be scared of. This doesnt mean if you move normal she will be instantly healed. But start by petting her in a normal method like you would any other!