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What are your tips to do your hair under your helmet?

What are your tips to do your hair under your helmet?
I braid my hair in 2, sometimes 3 braids then secure the braids in a low bun at the base of my neck
I tuck all of my hair in my helmet with a no knot hairnet. You put it on kinda of like a headband and slide it up. I always get so many comments of how ridiculous I look when putting on or taking off my helmet since the hair net is anything but attractive, but it definitely does the job!
I have really frizzy curly hair, so tucking in all in works best.
I either do a low pony tail or braid and then put the hairnet on.
A good hair net is defiantly key in all of this also!
I use two hairnets, one I put right on my head and I grab all my hair with the hairnet and put it in a low pony tail, then with the second hair net I take the part of the pony tail that was left out of the fist hair net and I put it in the second one. I wrap the second one to the top of my head pull the pony tail up and it fits under my helmet every time. :)
If u want to put it under your helmet you could try a regular loose braid then secure it on top of your head before you put the helmet on, you could try that with a ponytail if your hair is too thick..
Low ponytail...I'm sure it won't break during thecompetition, it's easy to do, and i think it makes you more beautiful :):) (sorry for mistakes I'm Italian)
I do a low ponytail :) I love feeling my hair in my back, as it, I do but not too much :p
I tie a very low bun, so tht its right at my Neck