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Do some of you have bitless equipments?

Do some of you have bitless equipments?
I have a Nurtural bitless bridle and it's works great :)
i just use a basic jumping hackamore on my hot head
I agree with you :) Thanks !
Oh what I don't like about Dr.Cook is that the straps under the jaw stay tight and there is no release unlike the hackamore for example. I like that when I let go of the reins, the horse doesn't feel me at all.
The ones I like the least are Dr. Cook's and the typical hackamores. Side pulls I think are among the best because it's clear for the horse which way they need to flex, especially in things like pirouettes. It's much clearer for them than let's say a bosal or halter.
I also want to get a leather side pull to jump in instead of the halter. :)
Yes, halter and I just ordered a side pull ! What do you think oh it ?
Yes, rope halters, hybrid halter, Dr. Cook bridles, hackamores. You,