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What are everyday problems you have with your horse or the horses you ride / train? E.g. Doesn't want to bridle, saddle, stop, pulls me to the grass...

What are everyday problems you have with your horse or the horses you ride / train? E.g. Doesn't want to bridle, saddle, stop, pulls me to the grass...
I know my horse, but thank you.
Actually she doesn't even need to move an inch to be lacking confidence.
I'm not saying they are stupid but their neural connections are not as developed as ours so thing such as being silly are antropomorphizations while their behaviours are generally caused by either play, dominance, fear or lack of confidence.
She is clearly not playing or dominant or she wouldn't be moving away. What's left is the last two or last one really.
And you're welcome, I'm always glad if I can help.
She does not shy away from anything, and horses are much more intelligent than people think, she is a silly weirdo and does odd things. Just doesn't like being tacked up. If it was lack of confidence she would shimmy away as the saddle and pad were placed on her back. But she does not. Thank you for your concern however.
Rebekah I understand, I however yet have to see a horse that exhibits that behaviour not due to lack of confidence.
A horse can't quite process the concept of annoyance itself.
But if it's working, sure go ahead 👍🏻
She stands still for the saddle and pad to be put on her back, it's not lack of confidence, she just gets annoyed and thinks she can get away from it. Still working on her behavior and teaching her that I'm going to keep tacking her up no matter how many times she sidesteps. I've always let her sniff everything that comes near her. I'm a budding horse behavioralist as well😂 And slowly starting to get into training horses for a living.
Rebekah, consider she might display these behaviours because of lack of confidence. When you saddle her, let her sniff what you put on her back before you do and let her until her attention is moved somewhere else. That's her way of saying "ok go ahead".
Ellen, the reason why side reins actually work in this case is because she cannot extend or move her neck. It's very difficult to bolt or jump forward because she knows her jaw is tied to the saddle.
Oh and she shuffles away when I'm tacking her up. I follow her and just continue but it's getting annoying. Thankfully she doesn't try moving around at the mount though.
Barn sour and disrespectful on the ground. Bassira is my new horse and unfortunately she's been running free with a herd of over a hundred for months, she's rideable and a relatively easy horse but still has respect issues and tries to push you around, avoids the bridle when she sees it, continues to trot when I ask her to stop, puts her head in the air when I pull back on the reins etc, even shoving to the front when we're walking on the ground so I have to hold her back. Working on all of these but it'll take a while.
I ride a mare very often, that is aggressive in the box, showing dominate on me,but I don't have problems with her, each time she tries tout push or bite me I make her feet move, making her realise that I controle her feet and then that i'm in charge. Within 5 minutes she stops and look more respectful because she accepts me as higher
Yeah she is good with transitions and surprisingly has amazing patients and side reins because it helps keep contact and she doesn't shoot off
Why the side reins?
Have you ever tried simply transitioning to walk and walking out of the door or past it?
We lunged her continuously with side reins until she could carry on past the door then I was lunged on her and if she stopped I had to stand up in my stirrups and just hold my whip on the belly, after a few days she was improving a lot and now is fine going past the door, getting her to slow down was more riding on her own for a while and using long rein to pull and release and she steadied, I still don't ride with many people but she improving really well now
Wow Ellen, that sounds dangerous. 😳
What do you do to fix it?
My mare will stop by the door/gate and refuse to move also rears and spins when leg is used or pressure is slightly applied with crop. She tries to shoot off down long sides and into other horses also
She sidesteps away from the mounting block when I get on, but that's getting better because she knows I have endless patience and will keep moving her back to the mounting block (also lots of rewards when she does stand!)
Kalynn, its in this post, the two long comments below. 👍🏻
okay thank you!! i'll look for it!
Thank you! I will try it! We thought it was the saddle too and it was but we changed it to one that fit and it's been a couple months now I think he just thinks it's going to hurt still!