Just signed up for my first clinic! I am so excited because my horse is finally ready!

Does anyone have tips for riding in clinics? What considerations? What do I wear?!

Thank you to all! I am beyond excited and happy to have a sense of the trivial looks side! This year I am looking to focus more on learning than showing. I want to be ready to show if one comes up but with limited funds I would rather learn and school and clinic than show! Ahahaha thank you for all your advice. I will use every piece of it
I also live in Canada! Clinics can get a little chilly around here but here is a list of what I wear...

• Polo/Quater Zip
•Tall boots
•Extra Socks!
•Belt (use my code "KOTY5595" at C4 for 10% off any of their belts!)

Add some more extra layers under that as needed.
Make sure you're tack, horse and you are cleaned!

Have fun at your first clinic!
Clinic attire for me is usually:
-Polo/long sleeve quarter zip with vest/
-Nice breeches
-Tall boots

Clean boots, clean oiled tack, clean nice helmet, clean pad, and clean matching polos or boots depending on the discipline.
Clinics are so much fun! I had one with an Olympic rider and it was an amazing experience! Probably just formal riding clothes and a hair net( some people are ok without others want you to wear one) clean tack, and just have fun! Learn new things and ask any questions! I almost enjoy clinics over shows! (Shhhh.....)😊
In that case you'll want to probably wear a vest or something else you can quickly take on/off. I find there's always ~half an hour of standing around in the middle of your ride while the clinician talks.
It's in December in Canada so thinking non show clothes ahah! Just clean lines and professional. Chianti will be clean and well tacked. I am beyond excited.... I just love learning!!!!
I love clinics. Like Alexandra said, just think of it as a normal lesson. I find them so helpful because the clinicians usually say things that you've been told before, but worded differently, and it gets you thinking, and helps you understand some concepts better. Some people wear their normal riding clothes while others will break out the show breeches and show shirts, it really depends on the clinic.
I rode at two clinics and it was super fun. It's like a normal class but with a teacher/coach that knows more about the discipline than your normal coach. You just pretend like it's a class and it will all be fine, no stress. You can wear a polo and your breeches which is totally fine. Maybe if you like wear you hair in a hairnet or in a normal braid.
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