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What are your tips for a first dressage competition?

What are your tips for a first dressage competition?
I had my first dressage test this august! I did it stress free as well! I made sure I got the arena early or as early as I was allowed. Depending when your show is or how much time you have, I did my horses mane and all the brushing before I got to the arena so that way I had time to breathe, look around, etc.. I went over my tests (in my head) the night before as well while I was waiting for my turn, I traced my tests in the air with my crop or finger. I also watched the people who went before me in the ring. I got all my tack and everything in the trailer the night before. Get a good sleep. And trust yourself and your horse! :)
Try to do a list of all the stuff you need in the competition,
Be careful of your plating, try to do it the day before, you'll be less stressed, and you have to know your test perfectly! But as Kareen said, don't do it too many times, your horse will anticipate and maybe will get bored of doing it too much :)
Don't change your program the days before the competition. Don't work too much to preserve your horse to the competition. That's a hard work but it worths it. Try also to get the same rhythm than before, don't do your test more than 2 times in the week before, your horse will anticipate :)