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How often should you get vet and dentist sessions for an old and retired horse?

How often should you get vet and dentist sessions for an old and retired horse?
Being honest, every 2 years. My vet said she’s having teeth like a young horse (28 year old).
My 4 year old has gotten his teeth done evey year since he was a 2 year old and he gets new cogens ever year as well.
Old horses really need to get their teeth done once a year as they start to soften and can cause issues chewing so your horse will lose weight. You can address any concerns with your vet during that appointment and then as needed if a major issue comes up
For my 41 year old gelding it was once a year of twice if needed
Every year
Once a year and whenever there are any concerns that should be checked.
Horses in NZ don't tend to get regular vet checks and I get my retired horse's teeth done every two years. But he does have very good teeth and an amazing dentist.
Same as a younger horse, vet for routine vaccines and any injuries/health concerns, dentist check at least once a year, float more or less frequently according to dentists' recommendation. Older horses inevitable begin to have dental issues... excess wear and lost teeth. It may require more or less frequent floating depending on the horse!
When my mother had horse they never thought of teeth floating. It dose make a huge difference even for younger horses. Its the way the teeth erupt and are grinded off often leaves sharp edges. The uneven surfaces and edges can prevent the horse from grinding the food small enough. I have one appolossa first time teeth done had large tongue ulcers because of the edges. She was super sensitive about her nose beind touched. Now i have my horses manually floated every 2 to 3 years. Power float is good but very pricy.
I would say the same as Lauren, appart from the vet. I'd ask the vet to come at least every 6 months, just for a little check up, nobody knows!
I'd say you don't need a vet appart from if there's something (vaccines, etc) and the dentist every year like a "young" horse but that's even more important because they already have some difficulties to digest so if they have teeth problems...