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Do you take off shoes for the winter time?

Do you take off shoes for the winter time?
My boys both keep their shoes on and get snow pads put in and small road studs to help them keep a little bit of extra traction. Never had a problem when we used these precautions, but they did turn into a mess when we didn't use the snow pads (but then again we also live in Canada soooo). Good luck!
Thank you all for your input! Think we will keep them on for another 8 weeks. Then remove them if the snow piles up bad. If he is sore and needing them I will get snowpads and shoes for sure.
No. If my horse needs shoes then he needs them year round. Mine are sharp shod in the winter with anti snow ball pads.
I don't change anything, just still trim feet every 6-8 weeks and I've never had a problem on any horse. I also don't have harsh winters it never snows where I live so that could make a difference.
I do, all the snow normally balls up under the shoe and then I spend every 5 seconds of my ride picking out her hooves 🙄
No I don't. My farrier adds pads under shoes. My horse does it well in winter . I have been showing him regularly every 5 weeks for last over two years that I had him with no issues.