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When do horses approximately stop growing?

When do horses approximately stop growing?
Depends on the breed but my horse stopped around 7 years old
Yes 5ish they stop growing vertically but their knees don't fully close until around 8 years. Something to keep in mind when introducing your horse to jumps or other high concussion activities.
Depends what you mean by growing.
Growing in height and physical maturity are different.
Most horses' backbone is mature and solid at 6 years old. While some horses grow and change physically until 8,9 years old.
It depends on the breed mostly.
Most little breeds and pony end around 4-5ish but heavy draft or bigger boned horses wouldn't be done until 7-8 ish.
I know my draft cross gelding grew until 8. I bought him at 6 (16hand) and he is8 (16'3 hands now)
the more original breeds (mustang, Arabian ect.) stop around 4 years, and the more inbred (such as thoroughbred, warmbloods and even some quarter horses) don't stop until around 6 or so years old, from what I have heard and seen
Hi Carlie! As said previously horses reach their adult height around 5 years old, but this does not mean that their body and bones don't continue to grow, their global adult body is formed around 7 years old :)
Usually at around 4. If they're still croup high, chances are they have a lot of growing left to do
Normally 4-5 years old but some heavy breeds will not reach full height till they're 7 or 8! I hope this helps!