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Any opinions on Aztec Diamond Breeches?

Any opinions on Aztec Diamond Breeches?
Do you know what fabric they use for their leggings and base layer?
Love 'em! Have a pair of the Grey Amelie Breeches for schooling and they are the perfect weight for summer. I liked them so much that I wrote an official review:
I have their breeches and love them and get complements on them all the time, they are very thin which is great where i live because its really hot. I have ridden in them a dozens of times and haven't had any holes or issues with them. The knee grips are very sticky and the fact they aren't solid makes it really easy to have full motion in your leg, they do run a tiny bit small (that or I have no grasp of UK sizing compared to US which is definitely possible)
I've bought a pair of breeches and a pair of leggings. The leggings got a hole in the seam two days after they arrived so I sent a picture and they sent me a new pair. Now I have three pairs of pants total from them and all three have developed holes over time. They are comfy though haha I wouldn't particularly recommend