How much is a 23 year old offtrack thoroughbred worth? I'm looking to purchase my long time best friend and retire him, what to offer his owner?

For a horse that old maybe the person would give him to you since you would be taking on his care. Not more than 1k imo ESP if he isn't sound etc.
I bought my horse (OTTB) when she was 9 or 10, she has pretty good bloodlines and made quiet a bit of money. i bought her for $240.00 Canadian. she is an amazing horse, learnt everything i know on hwe. i cant believe a 23 year old would be too too much, most likely under $1000.
It all depends on his training and experience. He would be a lot more expensive if he was an experienced show horse with many years of training, and he would be a lot cheaper if he did not have much training.
I agree with Natalie! I think a couple thousand would be a good offer
probably a couple thousand, nothing over 5k. also, if you bring up the fact that they won't have to pay for retirement, you might be able to get a discount
It all depends on the horse and what it's still doing and it's bloodlines. For a horse that old though not too much!
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