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My horse is very herd bound, how can I fix this?

My horse is very herd bound, how can I fix this?
Take him out a lot. Even if it by hand. Leading him down the road or through the fields frequently will help ☺️
Okay, thank you both so so so much! I'll defiantly try these methods. My horse is at a private barn with only 4 stalls so, I won't be able to get her away from them in the stall, but I'll work with her away from her friends.
A common way to help this is by working her around her friends and letting her rest away from. Its easier said that done though. If you want some great videos on fixing this specific issues (destination addiction), you can check out the Warwick Schiller website. He has a sub for like $20 a month with 300+ videos and focuses very heavily on fixing location and herd bound issues. Its a hard thing to overcome though.

This is how I usually go about it without a lot of detail... there is a lot in those videos above. I'd make sure all of your groundwork is solid and that your horse is confident and staying out of your personal space. Horses that tend to run into you when they get nervous or distracted lack confidence to strike out on their own.... sort of how a foal leans into its mother. If he isn't respecting your space or groundwork, he feels uncomfortable and wants to be back in the safety of his herd. After all your groundwork is solid, I'd lunge and ride close by his herdmates, putting pressure when he is going to them in the circle and releasing when he is heading away. Eventually when he seems to be leaning or drifting away from them I would take him farther and let him rest.
my horse was also very herd bound. I started taking her outside the pasture on the lunge line at first and working her for about ten minute stents. Once she got comfortable with that, I started riding her outside the pasture, and then slowly worked up to taking her out by herself on the trails. I did this several times a week. Now she rides out by herself without a problem. She still prefers to be around other horses, but she is now willing to leave the herd when necessary. Also taking them to schooling shows by themselves, trail rides, or any other activity in your area will help your horse to gain confidence.