This is my first winter taking care of horses, is it ok to put two horses that get along very well together in the same stall if the stall is big enough?

This is most likely not a good idea unless the stall is very very large, almost like a small pasture.
Thank you for that information, it is very beneficial for me in my learning process.
Yes, you can. If he stall is much bigger than a regular stall you can. If the horses are used to be in physical contact with each other and nothing happens it's quite safe to assume they will be okay.
Sometimes my horses get into each other's stalls and eat hay together.

If you decide to put them in, keep them under observation for a while to make sure they're okay.

This of course isn't true if the horses are shod in their hind feet. Then I would never put them together in a pasture or stall.
Thank you so much for your help, I want to take all potential risks into consideration. Their safety is the most important thing.
I think this is a potential disaster...even horses that appear to get along well can get very tense with each other around feeding time, and in close quarters. Too much risk in my opinion.
Thank you so much, I am learning on the fly. The owner is unfit to physically take care of them.
You may want to put a small divider in the middle if you could just to prevent the possibility of something happening. You could do something like just slide a 2x4 across the middle a chest height so there is slight separation.
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