Equipment: Favourite helmet brand that's a good quality but not too expensive?

Champion I would say x
Charles Owen. Mine was $400 but they have some cheaper ones
Charles Owen! if you find a good deal:) i payed mine 80$!!
Ovations are great quality as well as reasonably priced. I prefer IRH which is a little more expensive but very much worth every penny
I love love love my Ovation. Reasonable price, adjustable, super light, and comfortable.
I had an IRH last year and loved it! Had a minor concussion at a show, and it saved my life!!! Best $40 I've ever spent. After my concussion, I splurged and bought a Samshield, but honestly I felt like my IRH fit my head better as it was adjustable!
I have an IRH and an Ovation and I love them both and they are both very reasonably priced.
I also am in love with my Charles Owen.. I have bought several of them and have loved everyone.. only thing about the ones that I have owned is that they have very limited ventilation
I agree Charles Owen the helmet is the biggest safely item in riding and a good quality is a must! I would rather spend money on a nice helmet that with protect my head well rather than a cheap one that won't offer much protection
Charles Owen is one of the more protective brands, and I find them very comfortable. They can be pricy, but as far as helmets go they aren't all too expensive.
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