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Would you recommend riding your horse when he has just been vaccinated?

Would you recommend riding your horse when he has just been vaccinated?
We give them one day off then back to full work
I don't "work" my horses after they have just been vaccinated but I do ride them. I just give them a long rein and just hack for that day.
Funny story once my horse's neck was so sore after vaccinations that he couldn't walk straight for 3 days. I still rode him at the walk and trot on a loose rein to try to regain his range of motion faster tho.
I would give him some time or a day.
I give my horse a day off then do a light ride when I get back on
I give my horse about 2-3 days off, because they're neck gets sore from the needle, as well they might not be feeling too well.
Vaccinations work by injecting a small amount of the disease so that the horses can develop the antibodies to fight it off. This means they might be a bit sick for a few days after, so they need rest because a lot of their energy will be going to fighting off the disease
That's better not to rid him, at least not working during the 2 or 3 first days after the vaccin, or complet rest the first day and soft work the following days. Many horses are like us, tired and as Tessy said, a bit sick and that's better for them to have some rest :)
I wouldn't, my vet told me that they could be a bit stiff in the neck, like us they can be softly sick so I wouldn't rid :)
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