I'm currently using a gag bit (similar to a 3 ring but the barrel racer version) Looking for something similar for riding Hunter. Pelham maybe?

This is a 14hh pony that a girl was doing bridleless and tackless riding with. She went high too soon and didn't do much work on his basic stuff. He was really heavy on the right but I discovered that he is blind in that eye. He's better after using the gag and I did tons of basics before even jumping 2'.
Hoping to sell him as a Hunter and Jumper pony.
No problem! I rarely use my gag now that I've gotten her on to the loose ring. Mines quite heavy so I think that helps her relax and drop her head. She's an ex polo pony now doing the jumpers
I initially used it on a pony bc he was not elevating his front and not using his rear. Very down hill. It helped tons. Now I don't really need it and would like to show him Hunter for better marketability. He can also do jumpers.
I may try a loose ring 3 piece. Thanks.
I transitioned my mare from a gag to a loose ring snaffle with draw reins and then took the draws off and it worked wonders
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