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My horse is in serious training and lives outside. Opinion on clipping??

My horse is in serious training and lives outside. Opinion on clipping??
Do a trace clip or if u do a full clip leave the legs and belly with hair and only do so much of the neck like a half and half type thing I only take off the belly and all the neck cuz Mine are indoor board
My horses are outside 24/7 (with access to shelters, of course), and I body clip my advanced dressage horse. I keep him rugged up with suitable blankets according to the weather (I live in Ontario, Canada, where it can get as cold as -20C), and I use liner blankets & neck warmers as needed when it gets really awful out. I do have stalls I can use (at the back of my largest shelter/barn) and I can close up that barn for the really ugly-weather days, but it is a rarity that I have to do that.
Read this:
If you are going to clip at all, you'll also have to blanket so they don't get a chill.
Just put* sorry 😂
As long as you have the proper blankets he/she would need to stay warm outside, I don't see the problem
I personally don't clip my horses, I love when they're fuzzy in the winter, I don't ride her for competition. If you think you horse is going to over heat when riding with this fur, then I think clipping would be a good idea if you had the appropriate blankets for him. Cooling blankets or sheets would be really good for after you ride him until the sweets off him so that he doesn't catch a chill in the winter ( if it gets cold where you are ). I live in Canada and lot of people clip their horses in the winter, jut out thick blankets on them.