I'm a very nervous rider causing me to always stay as a beginer class rider (only walk trot) is there any way to make me less scared of cantering and letting me advance?

Camryn, you need a good reason to canter. Have you ever had to move a bunch of cows and you need to keep one from breaking away from the herd? It's necessary. Imagine a reason for cantering.

It also sounds like you are clutching forward in fear. Try riding bareback for a while so you can learn how your legs keep you on top of the horse. Arms out, airplane style, rotate one arm forward and one back, hands on your head! Flex your abs, squeeze your legs, pinch your butt! Do that on the lunge line if you must.

Finally, there are so many good horses out there. An ex-racehorse is not one I would match you with if you are nervous. Pokey-Joe would be a lot more enjoyable. Enjoyment is the reason we ride.
I've cantered on the lunge line every time. I haven't used it recently though so I'll see what that does 😊
Hi. why don't you try the canter with your horse lunged by someone else on the ground. The fact that someone has also control of youf horse might put you more at ease .
So if you'r a nervous rider try to take is easy and slow. but as you said if you want to advance just go for it try to canter a bit at least 4 or 5 steps each lesson.
Also consider If it's really making you nervous riding a different horse for a while or borrowing someone's who's really slow to help build your confidence up! Trust me it works! And then when you feel better get back on your horse and don't think about it. She doesn't want to scare you!
I was that way! You just have to stay calm and work your way up start with short amounts of cantering and work your way up!
Practice at the canter and over fences more often to gain more confidence and make each competition seem more like a schooling.
Thanks so much, I've had a kind of bad fall off her 2 years ago and have been nervous since then. Every time someone tells me to canter, I get nervous and tense up. I end up learning forward and since my horse is an ex racehorse, she takes that as a que to go faster and I fall off
if she's not nervous as you are, let her do her job! you'll see there's no reason to be nervous! remember horses feel everything that you feel:)
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