How many times a week do you jump? I say to myself not more than twice a week.

Once a week max
i always do ones high jumping and after just ones verry small cours
Depends on the height. My 1.20 showjumper lessons 1.20 once a week, 0.9-1.0 once a week, and schools 2'3/2'6 one other time (for me to usually practice keeping him calm and working on my eq). I don't jump big more than x2 a week
I usually jump 4 days out of the week.
Once a week at most.
It really depends on your horse and how fit and capable they are. If they are ridden every day or 6 days a week I would say 3 is fine. Some horses can jump more than that but you don't have to jump for a long time either. Also depends on height of the jumps. It also good to work on dressage work so it's ok not to always be jumping you can never do too much flatwork!
Twice a week max
4 times on my active horses and 2 on younger ones
I usually jump twice a week so i think twice a week is enough for you and your horse
Our horses jump 2-4 times a week, but we usually only school below 2'6.
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