What do you think about Ariat boots? Are they resistant enough for someone who rides everyday?

I love mine! Since I first started riding I've always had ariats
Personally, I do not like ariat boots
I've had a pair for a year now and they are still in great condition!! I love them!
I wore out my ariats after riding in them every day for over two years. I also did barn chores in them so they got a lot of wear and tear! They held up really well and I will definitely be getting another pair
Yes. Great boots with lots of options. I love my Volants for daily riding (feel like sneakers) hose off super easy to care for and still look nice enough for schooling.
OMG these are the absolute best boots ever I will never buy any other brand!! Highly recommend them! They last a long time and are a really good price!
I love my contours so much! They're durable, comfy, and provide support.
I've had my Ariat Contour feild boots for two years and have rode in them none stop, I ride at least 4 times a week, and I do all the barn chores every day and they are just now showing wear and tear, all that's breaking is one little sem and I still can ride in them and I show in them to! They are awesome, and I had no discomfort breaking them in at all!
I ride pretty much everyday and they're great! I've had them for a little over a year, and still in great shape! Although the leather on side of my calf that sits against the horse/saddle is starting to rub off.
yes i have some and i ride ever single day!
I just bought a pair of ariat challenge contour zip field boots and I absolutely love them!
Yeah, Ariats are great! Before my last pair sadly broke I had had them for five years!
Yes! Love them!
Ariats are pretty great boots. I've got several pairs and my mom actually has a pair of tall boots from about 30 years ago that she still rides in occasionally. They're in fantastic shape.
Yes I ride in mine everyday they are really comfortable and are holding up great
They are comfortable. The ropers in the ad may not be comfortable for walking though. In my experience, Ariat ropers are good for proper position in the stirrup (in fact, they force proper placement better than most boots) they are uncomfortable on foot after an hour or two. If you really want a comfortable roper you can walk in, I would recommend Dan Post.
I wear Ariat lace up ropers daily. They've lasted a long time, and feel like you're wearing tennis shoes. Highly recommended!
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