For anyone who life circumstances took them away from horses, how did you get back to them?

I took a ten year hiatus when I went to college/started my career and family, etc. I woke up on my 28th birthday and decided I would treat myself to a horseback riding lesson at a local stable because I would literally dream about riding again. I missed it so much. After that one lesson, I was hooked! My parents have property and a barn, so I decided I would start horse shopping. I found the perfect thoroughbred jumper who has given me the confidence to get back in the show ring! This was all about three years ago, and I now have 4 horses (one being a 3 year old) that I ride and compete! Horses have always been my lifesaver, giving me such joy and purpose.
I've taken a few breaks and always found myself missing it! I made it a goal to start riding again after seeing a kid in the grocery store wearing breeches and tall boots.
I had a 30 yr "break"! Started taking weekly lessons and about 6 weeks in started leasing a horse that was also available for sale...bought him 6 months later :) ... I strongly recommend leasing. It is a great option to get back in the game without the full burden of horse ownership and also gives you time to look for a mount (no rush to get something to ride) if that is where you are headed. Good luck!
Santa brought my daughter a horse for Christmas and he told her she had to let me ride him :)
It hasn't even been a year for me yet. Already getting desperate.
I took a year and a half off randomly took a lesson at a new barn and two weeks later bought a new horse without even getting her vetted 😂
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