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My horse is now reluctant to jumping, he usually likes it a lot, what can be the causes?😢

My horse is now reluctant to jumping, he usually likes it a lot, what can be the causes?😢
If she's shaking her head after jumping it's either because she's in pain or really worked up an excited. What was your instructors take on it?
Thank you everyone she has just came out of being lame and I had a jumping lesson last Saturday she was going fine over the jump but as soon as we landed she started catering and shaking her head , my instructor had a shot at jumping with her and she done the same . I don't know what it is xx❤️
we had one that started not liking jump esp if was deep distance so we had vet out and all he needed was hocks injected and he was super and has been super ever since....
Well since he usually likes it, he's done it before so I would say pain or a rider errors. Maybe he's feeling kinda down or he hurt one of his legs. Maybe you just missed supporting you horse before the jump and he was confused.
there are a few reasons why a horse would refuse a jump:
1. Being over faced: if a horse finds a jump too scary, or too big, it may refuse. Being overfaced can also cause them too be afraid of jumping in the future.
2. Pain: if a horse is in pain, they may be reluctant to make certain movements such as jumping. The horse may have pains such as a weak back or sore legs. They could also be arthritic, or just no longer be physically capable of jumping.
3. Rider error: anything from leaning too far forward/back, looking down, leaning, ducking, having your leg too far forward or back. Also not supporting the horse enough or setting them up for a successful jump.
4. Bad past experiences: this sort of goes along with being overfaced; if a horse was injured jumping, or had a bad experience they may be reluctant to go near jumps in the future.
When was tha last time you had a vet check up???Maybe you should check for soundness. Even though it may love jumping there could be a injury. I would get a vet to check out your horse. Hope you solve this!!