How can I keep my horse from hollowing her back while cantering? More muscle? What exercises would help? She's fine W/T but hollows while cantering. Am I too heavy? She's 14.2.

Muscle developement in the back would help. Canter poles set at the correct distance would help as well as keeping a balanced canter
Oh, maybe it is muscle thing:/ hopefully those exercises will help!
Yes, she's too narrow to trot or canter so I don't. But I know it's uncomfortable for her bareback because I am heavier. Saddle is fitted to her & it most likely isn't the way I sit as I am fine on other horses. I have a feeling it's more of a muscle thing... I found some exercises on another website I will try :)
Have you ever tried bareback? I was just talking with my sister and she suggested trying bareback. If she does it fine bareback then it's most likely the saddle or the way you are sitting. Or both:/
Could it just be not enough muscle?
Something could be pinching. But that doesn't make sense if she's fine at the W/T.
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