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What are the best jumping saddles for long legged riders ?

What are the best jumping saddles for long legged riders ?
I have long femurs that used to spill over the saddle so I’ve had both a Meyer and Amerigo customized to slightly extend the knee roll. It’s helped a lot.
County Saddles are good.. I have long legs with short torso
right now i have a mondega and an henri de rivel and i'm short but i have long legs and they're both really comfortable
I tried a bates saddle and hated it. It put me in too forward of a position and really hindered my range of movement in the saddle. Also the leather felt more like plastic than leather. I would reccomend buying a well used high end saddle rather than a cheaper new saddle. Try brands like Bruno Delgrange, Amerigo, and Butet. They have some nice older models of their saddles for a great deal!!
Thanks for the advice.
sadly CWD and pessoa are out of my price range to but I've heard good thing about bate saddles any thoughts?
This is my problem! I love the long and or forward flap Pessoa saddles! They can be expensive but I know CWD saddles have a long forward flap option! My knee pokes out in front of the flap and I have a long leg so I need the long forward flap but I don't have the money to buy a CWD or even a nice Pessoa so for now I'm riding in an eventing saddle because it has blocks and more forward flap. Hope this helps!