I have a new horse. He gets spooked easily. Tips on what to do?

Try feeding your horse magnesium powder as this settles the horses nervous system you can put it in a feed and it works in about 20 -30 minutes 😊
If he just finds everything scary, you could try to set up an obstacle course to walk them through by hand. Tarps, balloons, plastic bags, cheap pool noodles, or anything you've noticed that he finds consistently scary. Bring treats! This isn't so much to scare him but get him used to seeing them and realizing that they aren't threatening. If he realized you aren't scared or worried about them, he should hopefully find that they aren't that scary too (plus--at least with my guys--they started to trust me more on what is actually "scary" or not based off of my reactions. Trust building makes a world of a difference!).
Yes thank you. My parents are divorced and I don't get to see my horse a lot. Any tips on that?
Spooking can be from boredom. Try keeping his mind busy. Play with lateral work and never get upset about the spook, makes it worse. When he starts to look ask for shoulder in or ask for some transition to keep the mind busy.

If he's seen the scary areas already think to keep the shoulder to the outside nose to inside. But be light in the contact. Hope that all makes sense.
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