Ask Lillie Keenan : Can you describe your horses' personnalities?

Hey Lauren!

Super Sox knows he is special! On the ground he is very kind and trusting, but extremely spoiled. He loves treats and demands attention. If I am in another horse's stall he paws and gets upset that I am not giving him my full attention. He always travels with his Cowboy so he has a piece of home with him no matter where he needs to go for a competition. We know each other very well and I think that mutual trust has been essential for our success. Honestly, it may sound silly, but he is my best friend.

Be Gentle (Jenny) is a princess, and she knows she deserves to be treated as such! She is very picky, really only likes carrots and Cavalor Fruities - not mints!! She does not beg, but she appreciates attention. Jenny knows her job and is very easy going.

Concho is one of my newer mounts, but it hasn't taken him long to show his personality! Concho is very sweet, and loves when you scratch his nose. He is kind of like a big puppy that wants crawl into your lap, but forgets how big and powerful he is!

Thanks for the question

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