Ask Lillie Keenan : How do you work with Cian (horse’s training, your progression, program...)?

Hi Mark,

I work not only with Cian, but also his entire team at Karlswood. Over the summer I got to integrate myself into the full program, but while I am also going to college I depend on his team to manage my horses. Not having the chance to practice can be very difficult, but I never have to worry about my horses. It is amazing that I can not ride for two weeks and go to a 5 star show and not worry that my horses might not be fit enough leading up to the show.
I can't say enough about the team at Karlswood, especially Michael Kelly, Ross Mulholland and my groom, Karina Macduff.
It is important to me to not only learn from Cian, but also to learn to become a professional like him. We focus on goals, and adjusting my plan throughout the year for myself and for each of my horses. He has made it possible for me to attain some of my major goals that I never thought would have been possible over this past year. Thanks for the question!

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