Ask Lillie Keenan : What were the different horses who marked your career?

Hi Amy,

I firmly believe I learned something from every pony and horse I have ridden. I have been very lucky to ride some outstanding horses in my career thus far, and of course there are a few that stand out. C Coast Z, in the hunter divisions, taught me the importance of consistency. Clearway, in the equitation, taught me the importance of discipline. Londinium, my Young Rider horse, taught me to be competitive in the jumper ring (I think he might be the highest quality horse I have ever ridden). Pumped Up Kicks, my first grand prix horse, taught me to be confident. And finally, Super Sox, my top horse, who has enabled me to achieve some of my biggest goals. Sox has taught me the value of developing a relationship with your horse and what a difference it makes when you believe in your horse.

Thanks for the question!

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