Ask Lillie Keenan : How often can you ride when you are studying and how do you manage to keep up with your level?

Hi Kareen,

During the fall semester, I really do not get to practice much at all. As an example, after the Nations Cup Final in Barcelona this summer, I did not get to ride Super Sox at all until I met up with him this past weekend at CSI*** Opglabbeek. Luckily, during the spring semester when I compete in Florida, I get to ride every week Thursday through Sunday. This is not ideal, but I am very lucky that I can depend so much on the team at Karlswood to look after my horses. It is the trust in that program and the extra focus that makes it possible. I ride my horses at the show before the competitions (I try to arrive as early as possible) and emphasize flatwork and pole work. Since I don't get to practice much during this time of year, I have done mostly lower level shows (2 and 3 stars). My horses do so much for me, and I don't want to be reckless with that trust. During the summer, I ride everyday. Thanks for the question!

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