Ask Lillie Keenan : How did you help Jennifer Gates to form a good couple with Pumped Up Kicks?

Hi Amy,

I have known Jenn for a long time, and we have ridden many of the same ponies and horses so I was familiar with the qualities she likes in a horse because we often like the same ones!
When she got Kix, we talked a lot about my program for him and any questions or concerns she had while getting to know him. But like any horse, it is different for every rider. Jenny worked at developing her own partnership wit him. For example, she uses a different bit than I do with Kix.
Jenn and I are close friends which made it easier for me to part with this special horse. They get along extremely well, so it was an easy transition for him. It is amazing for me to watch their success together and to know Kix has the best home.

Thanks for the question!

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