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So my horse recently had a bad injury on her leg and started to rear in cross ties. I'm afraid she could hurt her self more. Any idea how to help calm her down when she is in them?

So my horse recently had a bad injury on her leg and started to rear in cross ties. I'm afraid she could hurt her self more. Any idea how to help calm her down when she is in them?
Sorry this is the link:
Ok so Kimberly I can suggest you two solutions because this situation can degenerate easily. Don't use twitches or anything, first try the friendly game from the link I sent you and touch her legs while at a safe distance with a soft whip or carrot stick.
Otherwise go here:

And find the closest parelli professional, they are trained to manage and solve these situations and far far worse.
I know some really good ones.
I'm from the US.
It sounds like a problem with confidence and she's learned that everyone backs off when she rears.

Start from putting this in practice and she should start being okay with you being around her legs and stop rearing.
Don't punish her for rearing because she is just communicating something isn't okay. The best thing would be a professional to help you out. I would but I'm probably quite far... what country are you from?

And yes this not only could hurt her leg but people that are there.
No we never tried it yet hoping I wouldnt have too.. I was going to put another question out about the "duck tape twitch"
Has any kind of restraint like a twitch or leg ties used when she was being cured?
She's fine with me unwrapping her and inching it for her. We are tacking her up on her stall so she can't injure anyone. She has done it when I've wrapped , her tacking up.
Kimberly, to understand I need to ask you a few questions.
Can you touch her entire leg?
Does she react at all when you touch her?
Does she display that behaviour in any other instance?
It seems very likely then that she has ptsd from her injury. This could mean she is also more stressed in general. You should ask your vet if they think psychotherapy would help, and ask them to put you in touch with a horse psychotherapist.
In this case it may be best to avoid the situations in which she rears as to avoid someone getting hurt.... just until you can get help..
Naomi.. she does it randomly and she has tried it with a person holding her.
Kimberly, if she's untied or someone is holding the lead rope does she do the same thing? While she was injured did anyone use a sort of physical restraint like a nose twitch?
She started the whole thing when I was rewrapping her leg and now it has began to be a real unpredictable issue. We were told by the vet she could have ptsd. She has been doing out of no where. She would be fine and then flip out the next.
First you need to figure out why she's rearing and then tackle the problem. Is there something that is scaring her? Are your cross ties away from the other horses (maybe she has separation anxiety?)? Is there something near the crossties that reminds her of how she was injured? Is she being left on cross ties for too long? For the injury on her leg, did you clean/wrap it etc on those crossties (if so she might associate them with that or be expecting you to do so again and be trying to avoid it if she was sensitive to the touch)?
She rears in cross ties at random or when scared etc?
If you tie her normally does she rear?
If your horse is too fresh and needs to calm down as to not re injure you might want to try a natural supplement that keeps them concentrated and calm. Chill from alpha omega works very well for this. It's normal for them to get excited especially if they are not in full work. Hope that helps.