Has anyone successfully rehabbed/repurposed an OTTTB into a show hunter or jumper?

Yes! We currently have nine OTTB that are/will be jumpers, a few of them hunter jumpers:)
Yes I've owned 4. They have a great work ethic, super athletic and smart.
It really depends on the horse and what he wants to do. Some ottbs catch on quickly and find it fun, some of them hate jumping and are better off doing something western and easy. My ottb was very good and willing to take on hunters. I started training him to jump and I got him to going around in 3' courses in 5-8 months. It all depends on the horse, but surprisingly, half the olimpic horses are actually thoroughbreds
My cousin repurposes OTTBs to become show jumpers and dressage horses. They're a very smart and athletic breed.
I have a thoroughbred mare. She trained to race and then was to short to race. A lady bought her and turned her into a 3'6 jumper. When I bought her I wanted a good project horse, it took a good 2 -3 years.
Many people have, there's actually a contest in the US regarding re-trained TBs
Yes. My grandmother had an ottb who turned into her Grand Prix jumper!
Yes!! They are so wonderful and athletic. Love thoroughbreds ☺️
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