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Any tips or tricks to help get a 4 yr old filly thoroughbred to help her focus ?

Any tips or tricks to help get a 4 yr old filly thoroughbred to help her focus ?
Lots of patterns and stops. Change directions often and catch her off guard when her focus isn't on you. Play with your reins a little as well. Squeeze your hands, subtly put pressure on the right rein, then the left. Flex her often and bend her around your leg to keep her supple. Since she is young, do as much ground work as you can.
Ok. another suggestion is to stop her when she will not Expect it .and you could surprise her in the gates like if you are walking ask her to canter and from the canter ask her to walk then trot then walk.or something like that.!i hope this helps.:)
She doesn't no how to really side pass yet she's still in the meaning process of that I no she can turn on the forehand and turn on the hunches but she surprised me some times when she does she's done it with me in her and asking for it some times not often tho and will always do it when no ones on her
Surprise her .like if she is looking at something .you then ask her to turn or side pass or something like that she will be constantly focused on you because she will not no if you will ask her to do something.!
Try to do shorter sessions and maybe work in different areas. If she is spooky I wouldn't move around much, but if not I would work in and out of the arena (if your facility allows)
She is extremely quite as it is but either she not focusing enough or she's growing
Put her on vita calm