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What do you use to get your horses coat to shine?

What do you use to get your horses coat to shine?
U gotta watch how much u like g/times a day u brush them u can take there natural oils away then they can look dull
Brush, brush , brush . Curry as much as possible !
I don't brush my horses slot unless there dirty or sweating and I got my gelding in omega equine complete oil and him and my filly are on good feed (s) and there both really shiny and very soft
I use show sheen
Spraying on an apple cider vinegar/water solution works wonders. It really helps the cost overtime. Adding it to their water can also help.
Feeding flax and giving them a good grooming daily will make they super shiny.
A shiny coat starts from the inside. Good nutrition is the base. You can also feed rice bran and vegetable oil - corn oil used to be the staple, but the trend is to other oils high in Omega 3s like canola oil. Then curry, curry, curry. Currying increases circulation to the skin and brings out the oils. It loosens all the dead skin cells and leaves the coat shiny.
i use show sheen with a goat hair soft brush everywhere besides saddle and girth area. also i use conditioner over the same areas as the show sheen
Apple Cider Vinegar helps! I used it on my mares. You just feed them a teaspoon of it in their grain and in about a week they'll be as shiny as possible!!
I used to add an ounce of flax seed to my horses feed daily. It really brought out the dapple and shine in the coat. Also used a rinse the day of the show using white vinegar and water :)